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James Montgomery Flagg

James Montgomery Flagg

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James Montgomery Flagg

Born at Pelham Manor in Westchester County, New York on June 18, 1877, Flagg was considered a prodigy. At just age twelve, he contributed to the St. Nicholas Magazine, and later took on other professional drawing assignments. He studied in New York, and went overseas to spend time in England and Paris. He became well-known when he began work back in the United States for illustrating and many books.

Flagg is best known for creating the image of Uncle Sam with “I Want You” printed underneath. This iconic poster has been copied over 5 million times and has been reinterpreted throughout the years to adapt to the changing times. Initially, Flagg drew himself as Uncle Sam, however, the pose is taken from the Kitchener poster by Alfred Leete.

Flagg died in 1960 with a legacy writing and illustrating several books, producing over 46 war posters and he even directed a film for the Red Cross.


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