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Louis Raemaekers

Louis Raemaekers

Louis Raemaekers

Louis Raemaekers was a Dutch painter and cartoonist for the Amsterdam Telegraaf during World War I, noted for his anti-German stance.

He was born in Roermond, Netherlands in 1869 as the son of an ethnically German newspaper editor. He worked for the Algemeen Handelsblad from 1906 to 1909. His graphic cartoons depicted the rule of the German military in Belgium, portrayed the German “Kulture”, in which Germans were like barbarians and Kaiser Wilhelm II was an ally of Satan. The German government offered a reward of 12,000 guilders for Raemaekers, dead or alive. The German government forced the Dutch government to place Raemaekers on trial for ‘endangering Dutch neutrality’, but a jury acquitted him.

He later left for England because of the bounty on his head. He worked extensively with the National Committee for Relief of Belgium, where he supplied hundreds of caricatures  and drawings. His work was also published in The Times and he released a collection, Raemaekers Cartoon History of the War, in 1919.

Raemaekers  passed away in July of 1956.



In the collection, there are five folios – each containing sixteen prints done by Louis Raemaekers. Each print has a title written in Dutch with an English translation, which is described on each of the artifacts.


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