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Sidney Reisenberg

Sidney Reisenberg

Sidney Reisenberg

Sidney Harry Riesenberg was born December 12, 1885 in Chicago, Illinois. His father, Wilhelm Henrich Riesenberg, had immigrated from Germany in 1880, and worked for The Chicago Daily News. His mother, Emily Schorb, was from Wisconsin and also wrote a cooking column for several Chicago newspapers. They raised two sons and two daughters. The older son, Felix Riesenberg, became a world-famous explorer, sea captain and author of sea stories. He was the navigator of the airship America in the first attempt to reach the North Pole by dirigible in 1907.

Sidney studied at the Art Institute of Chicago. His family moved to Yonkers New York in 1905. Sidney worked at the Hudson River Museum of Art in Yonkers. He taught art classes at the Westchester Arts Association, where he met the artist John Newton Howitt, who lived in nearby White Plains, NY.

In 1912, Riesenberg’s first illustrations were published in People’s Home Journal and he was soon doing interiors for The Saturday Evening Post, as well as covers for Harper’s Weekly and Boy’s Life. In 1914 he did a cover for The Popular Magazine. During WWI he designed posters for the Marine Corps and the Liberty Loan campaign.

After the Great War, Riesenberg painted pulp covers for Sea Stories, High Seas Adventures, Pirate Stories, Submarine Stories, War Birds, Sky Riders, War Novels, Action Stories, Danger Trail, All Adventure, Short Stories, Complete Detective, West, Western Romances, Complete Western Book, Western Novels & Short Stories, Western Story, and Frontier Stories.

Sidney Riesenberg died at age 86 on October 1, 1971.


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