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Movie Posters

The movie industry in the United States was producing many movies, all of them were silent movies until 1923. Although the industry was gaining traction, the US involvement in the war began to take resources away and slowed the growth of the industry. There are a few movie posters in the collection to give an idea of the kind of movies available at this time in history. Movie posters from this time period are increasingly difficult to find. Many times, unless proper care has been taken, the  paper degrades to the point that it would be too costly to restore.

Sheet Music (34 of 116 Pieces)

There are 133 pieces of original sheet music in the collection. Some of the pieces are framed, the bulk of them are protected in folios. Songs of the war were patriotic, some focused on the impact of a family member serving and a few were about the hopelessness of maintaining a romantic relationship when separated by war. Sheet music ranged in size from 10.25″ x 13″ to smaller 4.5″ x 5.75″ and had quite detailed covers describing the song or incidents in the war.

Arts of the Great War Collection