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Original Art - Great Britain

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Original Artwork

The Art of the Great War collection features original artwork from known and unknown artists. In the following sections, we have indicated (if available or known) the name of the piece, the artist, the medium, the date and whether or not the work has been framed. Below, the works backed on paper or canvas or works of sculpture are categorized into ‘American’ or ‘Foreign’. The Fabric collection contains all fabric art regardless of origin.


In the American Original Artwork category, there are representations of portraits, various locations soldiers were sent, cartoons, and drawings and paintings of the great ships and planes that were manufactured during this time.


Foreign artwork includes original artwork from England, France, Germany and Poland. The pieces in the collection include portraits, cartoons, oil paintings, watercolors, and charcoal drawings.


Fabric including silk, wool, viscose, lace, and more  were used to create embroidery, patchwork, crewelwork and unique stitching. These pieces were commonly used  to commemorate a soldier and create a souvenir of the war.

In Memoriam

The pieces in this category are dedicated to the fallen soldiers of the war. The dedications are varied; some are medals with the soldiers’ names, others are prints of the names of the men in a unit, and there are even poems and dedications in print and fabric.





Arts of the Great War Collection