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American Art – Portraits

Below are some of the pieces of original American art in this collection. Featured here are portraits, locations, cartoons and equipment like ships and planes. Some of the works of art were created by established or blossoming artists, others were created by soldiers in the field, on a ship or on a base.

Each of these pictures provides a window into life during wartime. Some of the works like the portraits and ships, resemble what we would consider today to be fine art. Others, as with the cartoons, are just as humorous and politically charged as some of the cartoons we see today.

American Art – Locations

American art often was created by Americans inspired by their locations during the war. Some men, as with the first two works by Leroy Taskey, were done while at the front while others were completed during rehabilitation at a hospital. Still others were professional artists who traveled with the troops.

American Art – Cartoons

These cartoons were created by men stationed in Europe during the war. Clearly, many of these men who created the cartoon images were very critical of the Kaiser and Germans in general.

American Art – Ships & Planes

The building of these modern marvels increased steadily throughout the war. Many of the ships were later reconfigured for other purposes after the war; many of them ended up as scrap. Planes, though not as prominent during the first World War, were critical in securing strategic victories during World War II.


Arts of the Great War Collection