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U. S. Shipping Board Poster Art (8 of 12 Posters)

The United States Shipping Board, sometimes referred to as the War Shipping Board, was established as an emergency agency by the Shipping Act (39 Stat. 729), 7 September 1916. It was formally organized 30 January 1917 and was abolished, effective 2 March 1934.

The Shipping Board’s functions were to regulate commercial maritime carriers and trade practices, provide marine insurance, evaluate shipping needs and port viability. The U.S. Shipping Board took part in establishing the wartime buildup of American ships as well as the holding of German ships in US ports.

We have used the book, “World War I Posters” by Gary A. Borkan to identify and catalogue many of the posters in the Hunter Collection. The ID is the page number in the book, while each letter represents the position (from left to right) on a given page in the book. Poster IDs with letters G or greater are not found in the Borkan book.

Arts of the Great War Collection