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Prints - Advertising Fans

Prints – Advertising Fans


Prints in the collection include artwork produced on a mass scale using a printing press instead of being hand created by the artist. Before the war (and through the war period), this work was primarily seen in advertising, magazines and newspapers, packaging, militaria with some portraits and landscapes.

Below, we have divided the collection into American and Foreign categories. We have created many subcategories in the American section, due to the sheer number of American prints in the collection. In the Foreign collection, England and Germany have the greatest number of artifacts.


The subcategories included here are:  Advertising, African American, Awards & Citations, Magazines, Buildings/Ports/Businesses, Children’s, In Memoriam, Miscellaneous, Newspapers, Portraits and Regimental Division Rosters.


This category includes work from England, Collier & Son, and Germany.

Arts of the Great War Collection