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2013-08-21 13.00.18American Prints

During the prewar and through the war period, prints in America were primarily seen through advertising, magazines and newspapers, packaging, militaria and some portraits and landscapes.

In each category, there are a few examples of prints from this era. Under Miscellaneous, there are prints from “The Homefront”, “Over There” and “Peace.”


Advertisements from the World War I period for everything from cocoa to cars.

African American

Rare prints created to commemorate the African American contributions to the Great War.

Awards & Citations

There are many awards and citations in the collection.


Magazines featured beautiful, full color depictions of the war.

Bridgeport Brass/Ships

During the war, ports and manufacturing plants began to work at unprecedented levels.


One of the most popular toys of the period, paper dolls, featured Dolly Dingle and her parents.

In Memoriam

To honor the fallen, prints were commissioned to commemorate a family’s loss.


Divided into three sections, these prints are categorized by “The HomeFront,” “Over There,” and “Peace.”


Many newspapers wrote of the war, many have also been lost. The collection features more than this sampling of newspapers from the war era.


In this category are several portraits with a variety of subjects. Many more in the collection.

Regimental Division Rosters

These prints are actual rolls from regiments from the Great War.


Arts of the Great War Collection