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Foreign Prints – England


Bruce Bairnsfather

If you asked an Englishman who was the most famous World War I artist, he would likely reply “Bruce Bairnsfather.” Bairnsfather was a captain in the Royal Army and was stationed in France and saw many battles from this perspective. His artwork and cartoons are below, and we also have a biography with a more comprehensive list of his work here.

Admiral Ronald A. Hopwood

Items 1-4 are four sections of the same piece of Art. Below are brief biographies of the Poet and the Artist who together created this very interesting piece of artwork, followed by descriptions of the four individual panels: The poetry was written by Ronald A. Hopwood, (1868-1949). He began his career in the Royal Navy in 1882 as a gunnery officer, and ended his career in 1919 as a Rear Admiral. In 1941, he was proclaimed the poet laureate of the Royal Navy. At the outbreak of WWI he was commander of the cruiser, “Gibraltar”. Subsequently he was appointed to the Ordnance Committee and in 1917 he became vice-president of the committee, and served until his retirement in 1919. The artwork was done by W.L. Wyllie, (William Lionel Wyllie, 1851-1939). He was best known for watercolors and etchings of maritime subjects. He was very much identified with the Royal Navy, to the extent that he was given full naval honors at his death in 1939.

The Royal British Monarchy

Richard Simkin

Richard Simkin was born in Kent, England in November, 1850. He was employed by the war office to design recruiting posters. He eventually became part of the “Artists Rifles”, which was a volunteer section of the army. He developed a skill in designing  recruiting posters for both the army and the navy. In the late 1800s, he was extremely active in producing thousands of watercolors of various military units. His prints focused on uniforms, unit patterns, and various campaigns of the empire’s wars. He was one of the most famous artists that depicted British Army activities. He died in England on June 25, 1926. He left a broad collection of watercolors that are sought after by collectors. The following three prints are examples of his work.

G.D. Giles and Abbott

Godfrey Douglas Giles (9 November 1857 Karachi – 1 February 1941) was a painter of horses, military scenes and battles, many experienced firsthand while on service with the British Army in India, Afghanistan, Egypt and South Africa. He produced numerous caricatures for the magazine Vanity Fair.

British Culture



Below are just some of the French prints in the collection. Many of the prints depict battle scenes or soldiers and flags.


There are a number of German prints in the collection. Many include battle scenes, soldiers, homefront scenes and there is even a roll of a German military unit.


Arts of the Great War Collection