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Elastolin Figures: Close-up German Marching Band

Close-up German Marching Band

Elastolin Figures

Elastolin is a trademark used by a German Company, O & M Hausser, who produced wonderful toy soldiers spanning hundreds of years of conflict. They are made with sawdust, Casein (glue), and clay, molded on a wire armature and painted in the factory. This technique was developed by brothers Otto and Max Hausser in 1912. In addition to military figures of German men, foreign armed services (Ausländer) are also represented. These include the English, American, French, and many other countries. Most of these figures were made by adding the proper head and helmet to a conventional headless body and then painting the figure properly. This is shown in the marching band unit, who have the yellow epaulettes on their uniform shoulders, which were used by the German marching bands only.



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